Our Mission


To restore to the Jewish People, and to millions of Christians, the power and simplicity of the Covenant, which consists of the Ten Commandments and the Oral Law, by which the Levites of old taught the Ten Commandments to the people of ancient Israel.


To make known to the Jewish People the evil nature of their trusted synagogue, and the damage it has done, for 2000 years.


To make known to the Jewish People the service to the nation of Jesus of Nazareth, whose courage and sacrifice will enable us to regain our broken Covenant, and unite us with the Christian world.


To advance Judeo-Christian theology to a level of sophistication worthy of the respect and support of informed people.


To unite the two faiths under a single, advanced, and all-powerful Judeo-Christian Covenant of righteousness, kindness, decency and discipline, that will obliterate the Left and all other destructive forces.


To teach our children the rules of righteousness, decency and discipline.


To impose godly supervision upon politicians and public administrators.


To honor and support our law-enforcement officers.


To demand from our law-courts, firm and constitutional judgment.


To be militarily strong, and able to defend our values.